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Lure of the Dragon by Anna Lowe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Aloha! And welcome to a new shifter series. I have to admit I have a soft spot for dragon shifters. That's why when I saw Anna Lowe's Lure of the Dragon I had to grab a KU copy. So glad I did!
Kia is struggling with so many issues, not the least of which is his fear of and lack of trust in humans. Tessa is a chef who only recently learned--24-hours ago--about the world of shifters. After a terrifying attack, Tessa fled, forced to seek help from a man who hides the same type of horrible monster as the glowing-eyed creature back home.
It is a fantastic battle of the heart with these two, but one that doesn't disappoint. Lots of steamy, hot passion and loving devotion and an introduction to some other wonderful shifters.
The story is fast-paced and set on the beautiful island of Maui and it isn't just the landscape that's gorgeous. Kia and Tessa battle their feelings, but they are destined to be together and the road to their happiness is such a winding, good tale.
If you're a PNR fan and love shifters of all kinds, you will enjoy this series as there a little of everything here. I recommend this book to romance and PNR fans.

The Traveler by Melissa Delport
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I saw this book when looking for a new romance to read. It sounding interesting so I grabbed a copy on KU. When I first started reading it I felt a little confused as to whether it was a romance. It seemed more like an alien-invasion-apocalypse than a romance. Oh, boy, was I wrong!
I almost stopped reading, but I was sucked into the story. I am so glad I kept on reading.
I've already hinted at the basics of the story, but what I didn't say was what a fast-paced wonderful adventure this book was. Rachel's broken heart tugged at mine. Every old memory, every sad thought got me. The story of her lost love was heartbreaking. It was also mixed in with other highly intriguing characters and non-stop action. Still, I felt bad for her and wondered if this love story was all in the past tense.
In. Steps. Dex. Wow! Despite this supposed hero being all kinds of hunky, I didn't want to like him. I kept thinking, "How could she have fallen for this power-hungry, unemotional, ass?" But then something changed. Dex changed, and he grew on me. Being a writer myself, I knew he would need to be redeemed somehow--though Ms. Delport kept me guessing, which I loved!--I was surprised at how naturally it happed.
By the end of the story, I had not only fallen in love with Dex and Rachel but Dex's two siblings and all the friends Rachel had been with as they ran for their lives.
This book can be read alone, but there is a second book, that I have in my Kindle waiting for me and I'm so excited to read more about this world. In fact, I bought a copy so I can read it anytime and anywhere I want.
This book is highly entertaining and one I would recommend not only to romance readers but sci-fi and apocalypse fans as well.

Forbidden Planet (Rise of the Gladiator, #1)

Forbidden Planet by Cheree Alsop
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh, my, what to say about this wonderful book. I haven't read a lot of sci-fi romance, but I plan on reading more of them after this book.
Kove captured my heart right off and Nova was a strong, interesting female character. I loved the chemistry between them and the constant push-pull going on with Kove and Nova. The secondary characters were also great. The twist near the end broke my heart and angered me, but redemption came quickly.
I loved this story so much that I purchased the second book in the continuing story and started reading immediately after finishing this book. I hope and suspect it will be as good as this one.
If you like sci-fi and romance, check out this heart-wrenching yet, eventually, heartwarmingly romantic story. I highly recommend it.

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