Beta Readers

This is an invitation to join my beta readers list!

Definition: Beta readers are (non-professional, unpaid) readers who help authors find the problems in their book before publication by providing honest, critical, and detailed feedback on writing style, dialogue, pacing, plot, story arc, setting, and character development, as well as on the readers’ satisfaction with the ending. They are in the target audience and/or read a lot of books in the [romance] genre.

Howdy all~!

I am currently on the lookout for 8 new beta readers. As a member of my beta reader list, you would receive all of my books for FREE. But, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, there is a small catch.

As a member of my beta readers list, all I ask is that you read and supply feedback to me about the story and answer a few questions I’ll provide within a set amount of time (usually 2-4 weeks depending on my deadlines). The type of feedback would include any/all of the following issues/comments you may notice in the story or that I request specifically:

  1. What you liked and why
  2. What you didn’t like and why
  3. Character/world development
  4. Any of the following topics: Formatting, Spelling, Grammar, Timeline, Story Flow, Inconsistent character description (hair, eye color etc.), and more

I will send you emails to notify you of new book availability and each deadline date as they occur. I will not send you spam. This is to communicate about books only and you can drop your enrollment as a beta reader at any time. (Please note: I will also remove any members who consistently have not supplied any of the information or correspondence requested.)

If you feel this is something you can do, sign up here. If you are selected to be a member, I’ll add you to my beta reader list.

Hope to hear from you soon~!