Test Blurb

Help me name my next book!
I getting ready to publish a new contemporary cowboy romance and I’d like your help with the title and subtitle. If you’ve got 1 – 2 minutes to give me a hand, please click the image to start the two-question survey.

Hey. I’m Jake Nichols, and I’m a prisoner. I was captured and sold like an animal to a merciless woman. In this harsh society ruled by females, I’m nothing but a slave. Now, they’ve chained me in the dark. I’ve been beaten and drugged and used, and I’m afraid I’m going to die in this hole.
If only I could find some way out or, perhaps, someone out there who could help. A woman with wealth and influence who gave a damn.
Yeah, good luck with that!
I’ve screamed in the darkness, pounded my fists against the metal door, but nothing ever changed…
Until light appeared, and then they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.
Then she materialized before me. Sunshine and beauty filling my eyes. I fear she’ll be just like the rest. But when she touches me, her hands are gentle, her gaze overflowing with compassion. And, when she smiles, my heart beats faster. I learn that she’s different, that she’s my one chance for everything. She is my everything.
A chance at love and redemption?
What man wouldn’t risk his life for that?